Coleman Popup Camper Tips and Help 

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I have been a fan of Coleman Popup Campers ever since I borrowed one to take my newborn and family out camping.  I didn't have the means to own a nice camper but loved the experience that it allowed us.  That made me search out a used popup camper.  A popup is easy enough to camp that you can bring a newborn, but cheap enough to afford to own and store.  I had previously borrowed a Coleman Popup and knew about that one.  After looking around on craigslist I found the Coleman brand of Popup Campers had what I was looking for.

Reason that I have a Coleman
Since I had a modest budget I bought a camper with a lot of problems.Some things didn't work.  Mouse damage and just old age.  We camped the last month of the season with duct tape over the holes and a few features that just didn't work.  That winter (I live in Minnesota, so there is no popup camping during the winter) I tore into the repairs.  I was just a newbie and had no clue on what I was doing.  I'm guessing just like you if you are reading this page.

What I found out about repairs
They are not hard! You just have to have patience and willingness.

Repairs That I remember;
  • Mouse damage in tenting and vinyl tops.
  • Cracked ABS roof (ABS Roof)